20th Century Architecture

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For undergraduate courses in the History of Twentieth Century Architecture, History of Modern Architecture, History of Twentieth Century Art and Architecture, as well as courses in Material Culture Studies.This introductory historical survey reviews a variety of 20th century design movements provoked by the modern architectural movement, and exposes students to a broad spectrum of styles-including art deco, organic, state classicism, and traditional architecture-and their relationship to social, cultural, and political life of the period. Taking into account recent scholarship and critical debates, it helps students understand the implications of colonial and post-colonial themes in 20th century architecture; gender issues in 20th century architecture; and current discussions among architectural and art historians concerning the role of canons in the history of 20th century art and architecture. Engaging students in the lively and on-going debate of how 20th century designers, architects, and engineers conceptualized, fabricated, and evaluated their buildings and environments, the book treats architecture as a broad field of activity in which different conceptions of the built environment coexist and their respective merits are continually debated by designers, patrons, and the general public. Organized into three major periods, it presents a concise yet very ample survey of 20th century architecture that is flexible enough to meet today's diverse course and assignment needs.

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Dennis Doordan