A CHRISTIAN FICTION / or NOT: Its Happening Now! Al-Qaida Here in America?

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An older man that loves God, family and country, and in that order, wishing to have a last fishing trip into the Wild West Rocky Mountains, and to meet up with his brother. They camp on the upper green river in Wyoming and fish together for a week. Jim is not in the best of health, to heavy, bad hart, and full of arthritis, but he is game to go and spend time with his brother Scott. They find warmth in each others company. After a week Scott must go home, so Jim drives on to Montana alone to fish the wild rivers, and see the back country. It is there, while fishing alone, hes jumped and taken captive by a group of Al-Qaida trainers, and a band of our own American young men. After beating him to death as a training exercise, they leave him for dead in the water. Al-Qaida leaders were here in the mountains to train our young men from around the country, how to kill us! Our government would not help him even though he told them about it, but God had brought him back to life for a reason. How he is found, and tracked down, then transported to St. Johns hospital in Libby Montana is a miracle in its self. When the doctors first see him, they pronounce him dead, said a bear did it, but God has another idea. Months later after rehabilitation, and with the help of friends and family he goes to find these monsters that had beat him so badly, and capturing them he sees to it that they are deported. Then when his name is leaked reporters will not leave him alone trying to put him on TV to tell his story. He is tormented by his scares, and what he had to do up in those Montana Mountains, and must tell someone, but who? It is imposable for him to sleep without dreaming of it. He cannot seem to tell his wife who is his best friend. He finds a young Jewish reporter and has a hard time excepting her. Soon as she ask Jim questions about his life, he is drawn painfully back and forth, from today, to his youth and back, finally telling her his story. He is moved, when he sees what can happen just by the way we live our lives when someone else is watching us. Even though he has given his story to someone else and can now sleep at night once more, it is not over. The story continues in our everyday lives. What will tomorrow bring us? I am not qualified to be a writer, but I am qualified to tell this story. Eighty percent true and twenty percent fiction. I lived it, and know the truth that rests within it. I leave it to you the reader to tell the truth for your self. James A. McClung Jr.

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James A. McClung Jr