Acrylic Painting (Acrylic Painting, Acrylic Painting Tutorial, Acrylic Painting Books, Acrylic Painting Series, Acrylic Painting Course, Acrylic Painting Development) (Volume 1)

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Acrylic Painting

* * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! 25% OFF! (Regular Price $8.99) * * * Today only, get this Kindle Book for just $6.99. Regularly priced at $8.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Whether youre already an accomplished painter, but are new to acrylic paints, or you are a complete beginner, this book will walk you through all you need to know about acrylic painting and will give you the confidence to start painting to your hearts content. Compared to other types of painting, painting with acrylics is a relatively new thing. Acrylic compounds werent really invented until the beginning of the twentieth century, and even then, they were primarily used in industry. In the 1930s, artists began to experiment with acrylic painting, but it didnt really take off until the 1950s, when the first water-based acrylic paints were introduced onto the market. There are certain techniques that you will need to learn in order to be able to paint successfully with acrylic paints this is particularly important if you are already used to painting with other mediums. Once you have mastered the techniques, however, you will be able to produce quality works of art that you will be happy to show off to friends and family. The book will also cover other issues to do with painting with acrylics, such as how to choose a subject, mix your colors, and create shade and tints on your painting. Much of it you will only really get to grips with as you put the tips into practice, but it is still useful to have a strong idea of what to expect. Before you know it, provided you put the practice in, you will be producing paintings that you are proud to hang on the walls of your home. I made this crash course to show you HOW you can learn Acrylic Painting FASTER than you ever thought possible. I will teach YOU step by step the Acrylic Painting extremely quickly. I will TAKE you through a step by step guide where you simply can't get lost! This course-book will allow you to practice, learn and deepen your knowledge of Acrylic Painting in an entertaining, interactive, autonomous and flexible course. Stop procrastinating and start NOW! Learning Acrylic Painting is something that is a really worth investing time. The Acrylic Painting course is now available in Amazon and it is just for $6,99. This is a no-brainer! Crash it!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn When You Download You Copy Today:

  • Why use acrylic paint?
  • Shape
  • Bright
  • Colors
  • Buying acrylic painting sets
  • Elements of design
  • Principles of design
  • How to choose a subject
  • Drawing equipment
  • Tips for shading
  • How to begin a painting
  • Basics of perspective
  • How to use color to show perspective
  • How to improve your skills
  • Painting shadows
  • Colors to use for highlights
  • Color mixing techniques
  • How to layer acrylic paints
  • How to avoid and correct mistakes in acrylic painting
  • Tips for beginners
  • Much, much more!
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Acrylic Painting: Learn Acrylic Painting FAST! - Learn the Basics of Acrylic Painting In No Time

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