Careers in International Law

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Irrespective of your age, experience, nationality, residence, education or practice area, this new edition is a valuable guide for law students and lawyers interested in finding, maintaining, or moving into a career in international law. The book provides new insight into how to use your imagination, creativity, and savvy to find that elusive job in the field of international law including the scope of possibilities in specialties such as litigation, trade, corporate, transactional, banking, financial, and maritime law, as well as positions in teaching, going in-house, and pro bono work.

Providing dynamic tips and strategies, as well as perspectives and methodology for success, the book includes guidance on:
How to prepare for a career in international law;
The road to an international in-house legal career;
Going from solo practitioner to international lawyer;
Using the Internet to develop a small-firm international law practice;
Networking effectively;
Creative strategies for launching and growing your international law practice; and
Much more!

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