Financial Globalization and Post-Communist Georgia: Global Exchange Rate Instability and its Implications for Georgia

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In most cases the problems caused by financial globalization are identical in various countries, which is why it is especially important to develop some standard solutions. Nevertheless, it is also doubtless that economic recipes for small and big countries can be different and it would be a mistake to apply only a uniform approach to all of them.The book evaluates an international financial system development potential in the context of corporate crises started in the USA and a probable impact on international financial markets and business activities. With the introduction of the Euro, a new three-pole world currency system was established. In this connection, two quite sensational forecasts made during the last two years regarding the collapse of the US Dollar are analyzed. These forecasts make a pretty gloomy picture of the future of both the US Dollar and the international monetary system.The book draw reader's attention to global exchange rate instability and its implications for Georgia. It is demonstrated that as a small economy, Georgia cannot have any substantial influence on global economic developments; however, if it succeeds to pursue more-or-less reasonable economic policy, it may generate some positive results, or at least minimize negative ones.

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Vladimer Papava