The New Genetics: From Research into Health Care: Social and Ethical Implications for Users and Providers

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ciples and recommendations on genetic service provision in a multidisciplinary way. At the workshop the main issues and principles that are presently emerging as integral parts of national and international recommendations on genetic service provision such as: - voluntary provision of services - protection of choices - patient autonomy - informed consent - nondirective counseling - confidentiality were discussed and the participants tried to assess how these principles are known, met or violated in practice according to the newest up-to-date research findings and to identify existing gaps in data provision, research and policy analy sis. The workshop brought together an international multidisciplinary group of well known experts including health professionals, molecular biologists, social scientists and ethicists as well as representatives of patient organizations and pol icy makers who presented and discussed the newest data and survey findings on selected ethical and social issues in the provision of new genetic tests. The main scientific contributors to this meeting have been awarded grants from ELSI, ESLA, BIOMED 1 and BIOMED 2 programs as well as national grants.

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